Road To Success

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Everyone has a different journey in coaching but we would argue most have similar goals. What does your 'Road To Success' look like?

Technique, Dryland, & Admin are critical elements in reaching the goals you have laid out to achieve. If you neglect one area, it creates an unbalance in your daily, weekly, and monthly achievement.

Knowing what you want to accomplish monthly in each area will help you track progress with your team or group as a whole. Planning for each element helps you stay focused, motivated, and encouraged because you know what you are striving towards.

At the end of each month, you can track overall success by going back and seeing how your workouts and office workload look after the month is complete. This might seem obvious but too often as coaches, we get so bogged down in the daily needs of the team, we don't track progress in small amounts. It's easy to track a swimmers time or interval improvements from month to month. Our challenge for you is: are you tracking your group and team as a whole from month to month successfully?

Social Media is an area that is continually evolving, what are your goals to grow your audience? This is a part of your monthly team goals, where do you want to be in a month, six months, or a year? If you aren't beginning to track where you are now, how will you know your growth or areas that need improvement? Once you know the part of your program that you want to grow, how are you reaching that audience?

If you aren't using social media to go after potential recruits, engaging with your alumni, targeting new swim lesson parents, recruiting for summer league next season, or fundraising for your program. you are missing a huge opportunity to grow.

There are so many ways to track growth of a program. If you are reaching more people, having more social media engagements, and interacting more with new followers, you are growing. Maybe you are really successful on Instagram, try putting more focus on facebook or twitter. You can grow your program through social media, you just need to spend more time tracking your results.

Our challenge to you is: what areas of your program do you need to target to increase your success rate?

Everyone has team goals, what are you doing to be better, more efficient, and more organized to help you reach the level of success you desire?

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