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2023 Virtual Convention

Self Paced

$100.00 Per Coach

April 15, 2023  - October 31, 2023

Available Online & In Member Mobile App

2023 Convention - Richard Hunter (1).png

Richard Hunter

"My experience with having some of the best coaches as an athlete helped me understand the value and necessity of having mentors as a professional. I think that dynamic and those relationships are what drew me back to the sport in a coaching capacity"

Jeff Dugdale

"Winning championships requires a team behind the team and a culture of support beyond your athletes. I have proven this theory through thirty plus National Championships"

2023 Convention - Jeff Dugdale (1).png
2023 Convention - Adriana Contreras (1).png

Adriana Contreras

"Coaching a single gender program isn't something I really considered early in my career but a couple months in, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's considering it! The specificity that we are able to provide athletes is unlike any other environment!"

Kellen Beckwith

"The mad science of tapering, not just once, but two and three times. Prepare your athlete's mind and body to get the job done when it counts during championship season"

2023 Convention - Kellen Beckwith (1).png
2023 Convention - JKap (1).png

Jonathan Kaplan

"There is no one way to build a program or take a team to the next level. However, there are a lot of things to consider that often do not fall on a coach's radar. Plotting your course while remaining flexible can help you take your organization to new heights"

Jamie Bloom

"Great coaches create caring environments. caring environments provide support and safety for athletes thus fostering inclusive and successful teams"

2023 Convention - Jamie (1).png
2023 Convention - Jess Book (1).png

Jessen Book

"The recruiting process is ever-changing for coaches, and always unique for student athletes. Know what to expect, what questions to ask, and get excited about finding a place that sparks your imagination!"

Jason Calanog

"Utilizing a multi-tiered approach when developing a swimmer's journey will help them buidl their goals while maximizing their movements & strengthening their overall wellness in the long run"

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2023 Convention - Steve Lazaraton (1).png
Steve Lazaraton

"Navigating through challenging conversations with parents is one of the strengths of effective coaches. Remembering that it's not about winning the conversation but about understanding will help in having a faverable outcome."

Nico Messer

"In this interview, Alexis and Nico are taking a deep dive into all things workouts & coaching aiming to spark ideas for your swimming season."

Jake Des Roches

"If you are looking to enhance your distance training, collect data now & figure out what to do with it later."

Avery Adams

"Coaching in a group setting means a few things. You must have a plan and you must know how to make adjustments for individuals within a team setting. Without a plan or a way to address the needs of your athletes, we are stifling continual progress and limiting performance capabilities."

2023 Convention - Avery (1).png
2023 Convention - Jeff Raker (1).png
Jeff Raker

"Failure can seem so final, but what is failure really? Coach, when you are frustrated with your athletes when they allow failure to crush them….let me ask you, how do you deal with failure? There are only three ways to fail. Do you know them? How can you reframe failure for yourself and your athletes? Fear of failure is real, but it’s not the real fear in failure. There’s more to it. Let’s get practical about navigating failure and staying on the pathway to success"

Alexis Keto

"By identifying the values that drive your passion for coaching, achieving better balance in your profession becomes possible."

2023 Convention - Alexis Keto (1).png
2023 Convention - Ashley (1).png
Ashley Graves

"There is a reason that coaches know who the successful teams are on deck when you go to a meet. It's because they have all the colors, the logos, it's 'the look'! So if your team is capable of that, you're capable of taking that from the deck and bringing it into your social media marketing."

Dan Tudor

"Is the transfer culture here to stay in college swimming? And if it is, how can coaches successfully build their programs around this new reality?"

2023 Convention - Dan (2).png
2023 Convention - USA Swimming (3).png
Dana Skelton & 
Brendan Hansen

"We are excited to explore innovative ways to better engage with our coaching body with USA Swimming's Mission & Vision"

Kathleen Prindle

"Creating space for every type of athlete over the age of 13 is possible for every team. Whether it's a beginner or a post grad, there is space to involve them in your vision."

2023 Convention - Kathleen (1).png

Jake Des Roches

Sandpipers of Nevada

Challenging Conversations with Parents: Steve Lazaraton


"It takes a village to develop an athlete to their fullest potential. Working with parents is vital to ensuring your athletes success. In this talk, Steve Lazarton gives examples, insights, and advice for how to have some of the harder talks that happen in the coach-parent-athlete relationship."

Matt Hurst

Chelsea Piers Aquatic Club

From The Ground Up: Jonathan Kaplan


"Remaining flexible as a coach can be a hard skill to master. Jonathan helps remind us that our answer isn’t always the only answer. When building a program, utilizing your resources to uncover new points of view will help take the team to the next level."

Nico Messer


Identifying 4 Core Values To Enhance Your Coaching: Alexis Keto

"Alexis outlines in her talk how to identify your core values in order to help you build your own coaching philosophy, align it with the values and goals of your program, and therefore not only be a more successful but more importantly a happy coach!"

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