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The Women's Voice

Written By: Jamie Bloom

Happy New Year!

As we begin another trip around the sun I am honored to be writing for our monthly “Women’s Voice” blog. I have several current passions and one of them is Women Supporting Women. As women we have traditionally been taught that we need to be competitive with each other if we have any hope of “getting to the top.” The truth is, though, that collectively and collaboratively lifting each other up is a much better strategy.

It has often been said that there is “strength in the pack.” There is plenty of research that says that in order to get what we want supporting each other is a major key to success. Plus, it will most likely also be fun! We need to prioritize our relationship building, continually work on connections, amplify and raise each other up and firmly believe in our “squad.” We need to know who is on our team and be committed to keeping it strong.

As we learn to support each other we can create our own “girls club” that will give us connections to other people and opportunities to rise in the coaching community so that our singular power becomes our collective impact.

Women's Leadership Director

at Streamline Teams

Head Senior/National Team Coach YOTA Swim Team, Raleigh NC

Associate Head Coach, Director of Operations William Peace University,

Raleigh NC

2005-2015 Head Coach/Director of Aquatics, Westfield YMCA, Westfield MA

2000-2005 Assistant Women’s Swim Coach, University of Tennessee

1982-2000 Head Coach James Buchanan HS/Mercersburg Area Swim Club,

Mercersburg PA.

1980-1982 Head Coach Slippery Rock Eels Swim Team, Slippery Rock PA

Education: Slippery Rock State College 1982, BS-HPERD, Specialty in Aquatics

Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) 1986 MS Athletic


Committees, Team, Camps:

Secretary-North Carolina Swimming Board of Directors

Member- YMCA Swimming Operations Council

USA Swimming Chair- Convention Education Committee

Head Coach- National Diversity Select Camp, rescheduled for May 2021

Head Manager- National Diversity Select Camp, May 2019

Head Manager- FINA World Jr. Championships, Indianapolis August 2017

Assistant Manager- FINA World Jr Championships, Singapore August 2015

Assistant Manager- Duel in the Pool, Scotland, December 2103

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